Kamal is a Lip lock Expert says Parthiepan at Uttama Villain audio launch

Kamal is a Lip lock Expert says Parthiepan at Uttama Villain audio launch

The entire ambiance of Chennai Trade Centre was spangled with irresistible joyful enthusiasms as every visitor to the expos that usually happen in the same place had no idea about shopping, but couldn’t take away the glimpse they had on the most celebrated Indian star Kamal Haasan as he was present throughout the day from morning rehearsing for this show.

It was a very punctual and disciplined event as Kamal Haasan didn’t just prove to be a wonderful performer and technicians, but a great event manager. The event commenced at 6.30 p.m. and Parthiepan in blazers (credited his thanks to Lingusamy for giving him this stylish attires) started off.

The event commenced with a beautiful performance by Attakallari experts from Bengaluru, where they gave a stunning performance following which the recorded speech of late filmmaker K Balachandar (in a much unrecognizable elite English for many) along with the montage of Kamal Haasan and K Balachandar were aired. Sooner, the visual screen turned into a sliding door and they opened to welcome Kamal Haasan. The actor thanked everyone and with his eyes moistened spoke about K Balachandar

He didn’t miss to speak about his close friend Rajnikanth and added that Superstar would have made it bigger even without K. Balachandar, but if not him, the chapter of Kamal Haasan would have ended before years.

When Nasser came upon the stage, there was immediate silence as he broken into tears over recollecting the accident that happened to his son and how Kamal Haasan was so much towards him.

The four beautiful ladies of ‘Uttama Villain’ – Urvasi, Parvathy, Pooja Kumar and Andrea Jeremiah were present on the stage sharing their experience working with Kamal Haasan. One among them, the most good looking girl Parvathy made the spectators bound to more excitements crooning few lines of ‘Kanmani Anbodu Kadhalan’ from ‘Guna’ and to a surprise, Kamal Haasan joined her with his ‘La La La’.

Parthiepan with his usual tongue on cheek humorous lines didn’t miss to make his statements as with Andrea Jeremiah, where he started off, “Andrea, I am now going to ask you about a music director” and paused, when the entire auditorium including the late entrant ‘Vikram Prabhu’ smiled in silence as they all thought it would be ‘Andrea-Anirudh’ controversy and as in his usual style changed it saying, “Indha Padathoda Music Director Ghibran Patthi Sollunga” and this time, everyone in the audi jumped above their seats with huge laughter.

Urvasi gave a funny speech that made everyone laugh and Pooja Kumar with her elan style of English thanked everyone and suddenly Parthiepan said, “Kamal ungakitta Udhadalavulathaan Pesuvaara (Indirectly denotes, will Kamal Haasan speaks only with ‘LIPS’….?” This time, Kamal Haasan himself couldn’t control his laughter.

Ramesh Aravind promised everyone that the Uttama Villain will be one of the greatest films in Indian cinema, which can never be forgotten by anyone.
With disbelief’s owing to the religious deities of Kamal Haasan, Ramesh Aravind and MS Bhaskar didn’t miss to acclaim him as ‘Deivam’ and ‘Ayyappan’.

Ghibran was the showstopper as his musical realms was very well appreciated and the trailer launch through SKYPE with Shruthi Haasan was the cherry-pick moment.

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