Kamal is actually shy of women: Suhasini

Kamal is actually shy of women: Suhasini

The world might view him as a romantic person, but Kamal Haasan, according to his neice Suhasini Mani Ratnam, “is actually shy of women”.

Speaking at an event in Coimbatore recently, Suhasini said: “He never looks in the eye of the women who come to our household. He quickly exits the scene after exchanging pleasantries.”

Talking about the plight of actresses, she said, “I think actresses like Radikaa, Revathy and Saritha were all lucky to have acted in the 80s. We did some really strong characters back then. But now, actresses are just used as props. They are all so beautiful, talented and have such a wide exposure, but there are so few women-oriented roles.”

“I guess the Hindi film industry is doing much better in those terms,” she said, adding: “Actresses like Vidya Balan and Kangana Ranaut have been playing strong characters. Though the north film industry is equally male-dominated as the south, the situation has only deteriorated here. Also, I think the girls are finding an easy way out and aren’t really keen on doing strong characters.”

On the remuneration part, she said, “There is still a huge difference between what a lead actor and actress gets. But that doesn’t matter, I guess. It is a male-dominated industry, after all. I just guess we were the lucky ones to have worked in that era. The 80s get-together has helped many of them come out of hibernation and relive the old days.”

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