Kamal’s comments make fans happy, sad

Kamal’s comments make fans happy, sad

Kamal Haasan may be the latest entrant to Twitter among Kollywood celebrities. But the ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ is sure making waves in the social media, with his bold views.

A couple of recent posts by him have stirred a debate, so to say. While many of his followers have welcomed the posts, some of them expressed fear that his comments might affect his films and some even criticised his views.

Indirectly refering to Jat protests, Kamal said, “I’m not shocked but truly confused by people who will deny water due to others to seek a quota from the government?”

Apparently on the Jawaharlal Nehru University fiasco, Kamal wrote: “Yesterday you were willing to die for the country with no expectations. What happened in the meanwhile ? Politicians I guess.” Meanwhile on the professional front, Kamal will soon start two projects.

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