Karthi showers rich praises on ‘IS’

Karthi showers rich praises on ‘IS’

Irudhi Suttru‘ has been winning laurels from various quarters. Only on Monday, it emerged that international boxing legend Mike Tyson was eager to watch the film, which is about boxing. And now, Karthi has heaped rich accolades on the movie and its team.

“I read a script some three years back. It was given to me for an opinion. I loved it and shared a few points about the climax of the film. After that Mady chose the script and took it forward with all his heart,” said the ‘Komban’ actor.

“His hunger to do a different film and his belief in the film maker has finally made the script into a movie that I just loved watching today iruthi sutru,” added Karthi.

He further wrote on his Facebook page: “Maddy you reinvented yourself with this film and your instinct was right.. Ritika Singh was just fantastic…. travelled with her in every frame. Akka Garu as I always call ” director Sudha kongara” you made such an engaging film and we are so proud of you and your team. Sashi-y not productions…a big thanks to you for this film.”

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