Khushbhu talks against ‘thaali’

Khushbhu talks against ‘thaali’

Khushbhu is never short of fiery remarks and startling speeches. This time, speaking at a function to mark the birth anniversary of Periyar EVR, the actress-politician has said ‘thaali’ is not necessary for women.

She also said a woman is free to decide whether to wear thaali or not and no one can compel her. “It’s her wish,” said the spokesperson of All India Congress Committee, and added that she was a Periyarist.

Meanwhile, taking to her online page, she wrote: “Wish 2 thank my friends n my detractors 4 making a stronger n determined me..the more u push me 2 a corner,the more forceful I become.”

The actress added: “A complete day..politics,time wid kids,office,groceries,cooking,dinner wid family,now movie time wid kids..tmrw off 2 cochin 4 a day..”

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