Kollywood rallies behind V Sekar

Kollywood rallies behind V Sekar

Various bodies of Tamil film industry have offered their support to veteran director-producer V Sekar, who was arrested on Wednesday in connection with an idol smuggling case.

In a joint statement, captains of the industry said the police should not have arrested Sekar, based on allegations made by someone. “He is a nice gentleman who would certainly not resort to such acts,” they said.

Dimissing media reports about Sekar as false, they said Directors Association president Vikraman and other office-bearers met him in prison, where Sekar said he was not involved in idol smuggling and hence, did not accept the charges against him.

“We request the police of Tamil Nadu, who are equal to that of the Scotland Yard, to properly investigate the issue and to bring real culprits to book,” they said.

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