‘Kuttram Kadithal’ to hit screens at last

‘Kuttram Kadithal’ to hit screens at last

The release of National Award winning feature film ‘Kuttram Kadithal‘ was delayed again and again, due to various reasons. Finally, the movie has marked its date of release on 24 September.

This has been confirmed by producer J Satish Kumar. The film which was acclaimed and appreciated by various quarters has also applied for the 87th Academy Oscar award, it is to be noted.

‘Kuttram Kadithal’ which has been screened in many festivals and has won many prestigious awards is produced by JSK Film Corporation in association with Chris Pictures starring a bunch of newbies like Master Ajay, Radhika Prasidhha, Sai Rajkumar, Pavel Navageethan.

Directed by Bramma G, ‘Kuttram Kadithal’ is high on the expectation  meter. The movie explores an interesting spectrum of lifestyles and how one unexpected incident influences people from diverse lifestyles. Made in the drama genre, the title of the film, ‘Kuttram Kadithal’ is derived from the 44th adhikaaram or chapter of the Thirukkural, where Thiruvalluvar alludes to avoiding mistakes.

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