Lakshmi Menon changes 8 loves so far?

Lakshmi Menon changes 8 loves so far?

Yes, Lakshmi Menon has revealed that she had relationships with eight persons so far. Also, the actress has said she doesn’t believe in marriage as she is not okay with the idea ‘one man-one woman’.

The ‘Kumki’ and ‘Sundarapandian’ actress has made these revelations in her recent interview to a Tamil weekly. “I was in love with many, but all ended up in break-ups.” she says.

Elaborating, she says, “No relationship lasted for more than two months. Once I get bored, I would walk away from it. Not just in cinema, I had fell in love with many in real life too.”

Lakshmi Menon, who has just joined in a college in Kerala, says she wants to become a journalist. “Because, I am getting routine roles in cinema which I don’t like.”

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