Madras Hari Shares About His Transformation From Madras Johnny Into Darling Balaji

Madras Hari Shares About His Transformation From Madras Johnny Into Darling Balaji

A mime artist is always as a Jack of all emotions and they’re someone who could instantly yet intensely emote to any situations with brilliance. Glimpsing upon the list of characters that Hari has done, he stands out to be an icon of such instance.

Showcasing an absolute show over the roles he does, irrespective of its prominence, he assures perfection is written all over it. His humorous role in ‘Attakathi’, an unconventional character as Johnny in ‘Madras’ and a miniscule yet stark role in ‘Maryan’ has let him steal the spotlights.

Now his transformation into Balaji, a stammerer with hilarious spine-chilling encounters in ‘Darling 2’ has forecasts more acclaims for him. The ‘Horror’ genre isn’t something new to this wizard as his mime shows during Halloween have won its toast of appreciations.

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Shedding lights on his role of as Balaji in Darling 2, he claims, “My role as Johnny in Madras gained immense praises and hopefully Balaji will have its course too. But both the characters are contrast in nature and are unique indeed. Every role demands own efforts and for Balaji, I have tried exerting the best efforts in short span of time to do my best.

The birth of Balaji just happened on the spot and so was his nature of being a ‘Stammerer’. I am happy that it has gained good response with the trailer and hoping the best with film too.”

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Ask him if there was any particular sequence that demanded a lot of takes to accomplish, he affirms it all saying, “There wasn’t any shot as such. But a single shot of 8-minute duration has come out to be good.”

Fine! This instigates a lot more inquisitiveness to witness Balaji – The Stammerer and his hilarious misadventures with the paranormal activities, isn’t it?

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