Matchless Manorama is irreplaceable

Matchless Manorama is irreplaceable

Kalaimamani, National Award, Padma Shri. You name an award and you can find it to be glorified by Manorama. A matchless actress that she was, the void left by her can not be replaced by anyone.

She had appeared in more than 1,500 films, 1,000 stage performances, and several television series until 2015. She held a Guinness World Record for acting in more than 1000 number of films, a feat she achieved in 1985.

By 2015, she had acted in more than 1500 films. Manorama was born as Gopishantha to Kasi Kilakudaiyar and Ramamirtham in Mannargudi, Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu.

She quoted in an interview in 2015, “My mom wanted me to study medicine. But it was not easy to become a doctor in those days, and I became an actress. So, if I hadn’t taken up acting, I would have tried to become a doctor as my mom wished for it. But now, fortunately, my grandson is a doctor, and I am proud of it.

She migrated from dramas to the silver screen with the role of a heroine in the 1958 Tamil film Maalayitta Mangai: Kavignar Kannadasan gave her the lead role this film. The first film in which she played the heroine the 1963 Konjum Kumari. Then, she concentrated more on comedy from 1960. She was given equally challenging roles alongside the well known comedian Nagesh in 50 films.

She has done playback singing for 300 songs in Tamil films and sung songs pictured on herself. When asked as to how she was able to do more than 1500 films, she said in her interview in September 2015, “I believe I am a blessed person. Without God’s will, I couldn’t have acted in so many films. It all just happened in my life, and you won’t believe it, but I still have the urge to act. The one person who is the reason for all my success is my mom. She did everything for me in life, and I miss her the most now (she breaks into tears). Whatever I achieve or have achieved in life is only because of her.

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