Mohanlal expresses worry over India’s plight

Mohanlal expresses worry over India’s plight

Deeply disturbed by the ongoing Jawaharlal University row, Mohanlal has come out with a lengthy blog post, in which the top actor expressed worry over the plight of the country.

“All thoughts, debates and strikes are good, but only if they lead the nation to progress in any manner, pave for its growth, or give more strength to the country’s freedom,” he said in the post title ‘ ‘What’s the point of us living when India is dying’.

“Any discussion that does not strengthen the freedom, which had been attained and still retained through sacrifices of many, is not only meaningless but an insult to the nation. We quarrel with each other by defining what patriotism is,” he said.

Stating that the avalanche in Siachen that killed 9 soldiers recently, Mohanlal added that how he came across a photo of Lance Naik Sudheesh’s four-month-old daughter being shown her father’s dead body.

He said that it is shameful for a citizen to sit in the comforts of one’s home and speak about freedom and nationalism.

“We cover ourselves in thick blankets at the first sign of chill in the weather. We have hot water to brush our teeth and take a bath. It is after utilising these comforts that we go to universities and offices and discuss about our soldiers, abuse them and question them. Our country is the soil we stand on, the sky above our heads, the air we breathe, the water we drink and finally the piece of land that we will become one with as we die,” he said.

He said the debates, discussions and strikes that did not contribute to a country’s growth were an “insult” to the nation. Mohanlal said parents should educate their children about the country and its culture to ensure they do not raise slogans against India.


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