My next will be an ‘A’ film: Mysskin

My next will be an ‘A’ film: Mysskin

Director Mysskin is known not just for bold movies, but also bold statements. He has revealed that his next film would be for Adults and he would get an ‘A’ certificate for it.

Speaking at the music launch of ‘Tharkappu’ in Chennai, the ‘Nandalala’ and ‘Yudhdham Sei’ maker criticised Censor Board for its policies while certifying films.

“Most filmmakers and producers come to this industry out of passion for the art. But objecting to swear words and violence hurts creators. A life without swear words and violence is not a life at all. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is considered a great literary figure but swear words or some form of ugliness figure in almost every page of his works,” he said.

“Literature tells the reality of life. A film should be intense and hit you in the guts. For that, a creator needs freedom. When a film tries to be polite when it has to be offensive, then it is cheating the audience,” he said.

Mysskin said that during the censor of his ‘Pissasu’, the censor officials were impressed with the film but added that the film has a ghost in it and they can only rate it as ‘A’. “Pissasu has been shown only as a creature to be scared of in films so far. I decided to show it as God, or even above God. The essence of the film was that people should not be scared of the unknown. But it only got ‘A’ and Bala even scolded me for that,” he added.

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