No more glamour, says Sona

No more glamour, says Sona

Actress-producer Sona Heyden, known for her glamourous roles, has decided to focus on character roles henceforth. “I have acted so far in 75 films with almost all top stars. And I am bored with glamour roles,” she says.

Sona, who is keen at making a comeback in Kollywood, says, “Hereafter, I will sign movies which offer me meaty roles that would bring out my acting skills.” The actress has shed weight and is sporting a new look.

In her request to directors, she says, “whenever you write a character role in your films, mark my name for it. I am waiting to give my best to such roles.”

It may be recalled that Sona had recently announced that she would pen autobiography and would even make it as a film. She said she would share many untold secrets in it.

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