NooravathuNaal’s remake to kick start in ‘Reboot’ mode

NooravathuNaal’s remake to kick start in ‘Reboot’ mode

‘NooravathuNaal’  was a trendsetting Suspense  thriller in the 1980s..Now it takes a reincarnation and it is to be remade in ‘Reboot’ mode. This movie is to be directed by Raghu Manivannan, son of NooravathuNaal’s director – Late Mr. Manivannan.

What  does that  ‘Reboot’  mean? 

When a popular and critically acclaimed movie is made into a new one, it is said  to be a REMAKE.. That is, depicting the same story with different actors.
Continuation of the very same storyline that results in subsequent parts is a SEQUEL.

REBOOT means to keep the same central nucleus and to portray it with respect to the taste of the current day audience and time period by changing the script, story flow, screenplay, scenes, actors, characters and everything else that needs a change.

Hollywood Movies like ‘Hulk’, ‘Superman’, ‘Batman’, ‘Spiderman’, ‘Terminator’ were  successful  as  a  result  of  the ‘Reboot’ mode  and  its  still continuing.. 

NooravathuNaal’ is the first Tamil Movie to be made under such similar maneuver.

“’NooravathuNaal’ was one of the most Successful Movies under my Dad’s direction and a Critically acclaimed one as well.. I  tried to start it off quite earlier itself in ‘Reboot’ mode, but my Mom and Dad’s sudden death made me wholly upset.. So I stayed in UK for One year and got some peace of mind..I met few people there and I spoke with my friends as well.. Many of them encouraged me for my efforts and few said that only actions movies can be remade, while Thrillers can’t be made as a ‘Remake’.

I had many discussions about it after I was back here.. It’ll not be interesting in anyway when a movie is made on the same storyline because audience are already aware of the plot and hence there’ll not be any expectation.. What would be the thrill to watch on a known issue? Thus I decided to take it.. Movie’s Plot, Scenes, Screenplay and everything are totally changed and is taken off in a different direction which will be absolutely impressive.
Natraj Subramaniam of ‘SathurangaVettai’ fame has been roped in to play the Male Lead.. Though the Screenplay has already been finished, we are trying to carve it better on each day and will not proceed with the shoot unless we are completely satisfied with it.

Sibiraj and UK Senthil Kumar had helped me and assisted me to the greatest extent,” said Raghu Manivannan.

Music for this new version of ‘NooravathuNaal’ will be composed by NiroPraba who resides in London.. He is the student of our Oscar Winning Music Composer, Isaipuyal A.R.Rahman.
Cinematography is to be handled by UK Senthil Kumar and is Produced by ATM Productions. Story is originally by Manivannan. Screenplay, Dialogue and Direction is by Raghu Manivannan.

Raghu further said that the details of other actors of the movie will be announced soon.

Cinematographer turned actor, Natraj Subramaniam is currently busy with Vijay’s Project ‘Puli’, which is expected to be finished by March.
Hence Nooravathu Naal’s shooting is expected to start in the beginning of April and is said to take off in an entirely new attempt named as ‘Reboot’.

Each and every Movie directed by Manivannan was based on thoroughly different plots and genres which differentiated each from one another. His Son is on his way to direct his first film. We wholeheartedly wish him Good Luck to succeed in his attempt and to keep up his Father’s name.


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