Photoshopped Vijay-Ajith-Vethalam teaser creates sensation

Photoshopped Vijay-Ajith-Vethalam teaser creates sensation

Over and again, some miscreants keep working on certain gimmicks to either create a sensation in right route, but apparently land up with adverse results.

It has been happening over for a long period of time and finally it was all about a fake screenshot of Ajith being admitted in hospital due to heart from the page of his spokesperson and PR manager Suresh Chandra.

This time, it goes in a different way though. An image featuring Vijay with the Mobile Tablet of Vedalam teaser was being circulated in all online channels with a news that Ilayathalapathy was so much excited about the new makeover of Ajith Kumar.

Nevertheless, it has been denied as baseless rumour and the real image with Vijay and Mobile Tablet actually features some other teaser.

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