Pitch ready for ‘Pichaikkaran’

Pitch ready for ‘Pichaikkaran’

The release date of ‘Pichaikkaran’ starring Vijay Antony and directed by Sasi has been confirmed. According to makers of the movie, it will hit the screens on March 4.

“It is indeed a good time for Tamil cinema I would say from the distributor’s point of view. Thanks to the response to the films of content in recent days, we are super confident on the commercial success of ‘Pichaikkaran’,” said Saravanan of K R Films, who is releasing the movie, in a press release.

He added: “The response from the exhibitors all over is the indication of the goodwill Vijay Antony is commanding in the commercial sector. ‘Pichaikkaran’ will enhance the reputation of director Sasi too.”

K R Films is releasing the movie in association with Sky Lark Entertainment. Satna Titus is the heroine of the flick, which is tipped to be a suspense thriller with a message.

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