Premgi to bark with Bharath

Premgi to bark with Bharath

With halucination as the basic knot, a film titled ‘Simba’ is being made, and it has Bharath and Premgi Amaran in the lead roles. Interestingly, Premgi is playing an imaginary dog in the movie.

Says the film’s director, debutant Arvind Sridhar, “this is Tamil cinema’s first stoner film. It talks about the relationship shared between a dopehead and a dog. Bharath was initially apprehensive to do this movie. But he soon developed interest.”

Stating that Premgi would appear throughout the film wearing a dog suit, the director says he is grateful to both Premgi and Bharath for coming forward to do such never before and challenging roles.

Revealing more, Arvind says the story of this black comedy is inspired by a real life one. “One of my friends was a dope addict and the story of ‘Simba’ is partly based on his life,” he says.


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