Priyadarshan, Lissy part ways as friends

Priyadarshan, Lissy part ways as friends

Director Priyadarshan and his wife actress Lissy have parted ways after an amicable settlement. In legal terms, they arrived at a ‘Memo of Compromise’ in the Madras High Court on Wednesday.

As per the arrangement, Priyadarshan and Lissy decided to amicably settle on various issues pending before different courts, including their divorce, criminal and civil matters.

Justice K K Sasidharan conducted personal hearings at his chamber and the husband and wife parted ways as friends with good will.

While Lissy agreed to withdraw all the allegations and imputations made in the divorce petition and all other criminal proceedings initiated under the provisions of domestic violence act, Priyadarshan too agreed to withdraw all the allegations, imputations made against Lissy in all the proceedings including the counter.

Priyadarshan has also agreed to hand over to Lissy a preview theatre in Nungambakkam with all the fixtures, equipment and furniture on the evening of March 31.

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