Raghava Lawrence – A man with happy and good heart

Raghava Lawrence – A man with happy and good heart

When someone suffers from any particular situations and manages to overcome the hurdles, he is called an achiever. But when the same person after overcoming the issues and problems tries to touch others lives by giving them hand during their same such crucial times, we call them ‘Godly’.

This is the illustration of what Raghava Lawrence has been making over the years. He has been making sure that he can help as much as people possible and today as he celebrates his birthday, he has joined the world of Twitter and Facebook.

It is all for the sake of his fans, who have been constantly asking him if he can keep them updated about his upcoming projects and so on. “It’s not just for the sake of informing you on my movies, but sometimes, I might require help from you all in times of hurdles, when we need urgent help for patients and surgeries. I hope my new journey with you will be more endearing,” says Raghava Lawrence.

We at Cine Coffee convey our wishes to Raghava Lawrence that he may continue to entertain and amuse us with his professional and personal feat.

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