Rahman reacts to fatwa, says he didn’t want to hurt anyone

Rahman reacts to fatwa, says he didn’t want to hurt anyone

Breaking his silence on the fatwa issued against him by a Muslim organisation for scoring music for a film on Prophet Mohammed, music maestro A R Rahman has said” “My decision to compose the music for this film was made in good faith and with no intention of causing offence.”

In a statement which has quotes from the Quran, Rahman said, “I didn’t direct or produce the movie “Muhammad: Messenger of God”. I just did the music.”

The Oscar-Grammy winner further stated: “My spiritual experiences of working on the film are very personal and I would prefer not to share these.”

Raza Academy, a Mumbai-based Sunni Muslim group, has issued the fatwa against Rahman and Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi for their film ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’.

As per the fatwa, Rahman and Majidi were “infidel” and their marriages “invalid”. ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’ is first of the trilogy on the life of Prophet Mohammad.

Besides urging Muslmis to reject the film, the fatwa also asked them to protest against such a film at the personal as well as legal level in order to get such people (Rahman, Majid Majidi and others involved in the making of the movie) punished.

Saeed Noorie, chief of Raza Academy, said, “We are against the title. People may use it in a bad manner if they don’t like the film, which will mean an insult to the Prophet. The actors have charged money to act in the film and they may have dubious character in real life. How can we Muslims allow such things to happen?”

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