Rahman’s ‘Qyuki’ Moves

Rahman’s ‘Qyuki’ Moves

Oscar-Grammy winner and co-founder of multichannel network, Qyuki, A R Rahman launched the first music video of his new band – NAFS.  Instituted and curated by Rahman the band is an inventive initiative to promote Indian talent internationally, according to a statement.

“With Acapella influences and a distinct throbbing vocal rhythm and live bass this band is indeed the sound of future. Award winning music director, arranger and conductor Arjun Chandy of the Dallas Choir the Vocal Majority fame, was specially commissioned to groom the young band and fine-tune them to match International standards.”

It quoted Rahman as saying: “The ultimate goal of NAFS is to spread joy. The band will strive not only to entertain musically but will also be a visual treat for its audiences in India and abroad.”

The band will be powered by Qyuki, an online multi-channel network founded by Shekhar Kapur, Samir Bangara and Rahman that enables creators to build their fan following by producing and distributing videos across Youtube and other networks.

According to Samir Bangara, “NAFS is a step in the best possible direction for Indian Music. We are thrilled to be launching the first music video and we hope that we can build a credible platform for more Indian musicians to innovate and be recognized on a global level. Rahman’s keen eye for talent has been instrumental in curating this band and we are certain that this is the start of an incredible journey.”

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