Rajini Murugan captures main screens

Rajini Murugan captures main screens

Sivakarthikeyan’s long pending release Rajini Murugan saw the light of hope on Pongal day and this harvest season has turned to be more spellbinding and commendable for the entire team.

The producers are now rejoicing with more glory over the hard work not going in vain and the second week results are turning more tremendous than the opening one. Yes, on the day of release with three more contenders including Gethu, Thaarai Thappattai and Kathakali, the main screens were actually shared among them.

Nevertheless, after witnessing the tremendous response from the repeat audiences, the theatre owners have now decided to make their priority towards moving this film to main screens. Especially, when it comes to Sathyam Cinemas, it’s really a great moment when a film is moved from small theatre to main screens and the shows are increased.

Rajini Murugan, henceforth becomes a clear winner for this season and this has incredibly increased the market value of Sivakarthikeyan.

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