Rajinikanth’s driver goes missing

Rajinikanth’s driver goes missing

A 25-year-old man, who drove the limousine which picked up Superstar Rajinikanth from KLIA Airport in Malaysia to his hotel upon his arrival on Monday last, has been reportedly kidnapped.

According to reports from Petaling Jaya, the car rental company that had given the vehicle to chauffer Rajinikanth has filed a case of kidnapping with Brickfields district police headquarters.

Reports further stated that the company had assigned the driver, whose identity is yet to be established, to drive Rajini from the airport to the star hotel in Kuala Lumpur at about 4 pm on Monday.

But the actor only arrived at the airport at 6 pm and the driver told the movie star’s local representatives that he had to rush to pick up another VIP for the opening of a restaurant in Selangor.

“The representatives then reporteldy seized the driver’s handphone and forced him to drive to Malacca,” a spokesman was quoted as saying.

“The terrified driver just obeyed the instructions. We tried to contact our driver but his handphone went un­answered. We were desperate as the other event was at 6 pm the same day,” the spokesman said.

However, the company which took care of Rajini’s trip has denied all the allegations. “We informed of the delay in Rajinikanth’s arrival and the driver waited patiently. We did not confiscate his mobile phone. After dropping Rajinikanth, he left the place happily,” they said.

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