Rama Gopalan slams Kamal

Rama Gopalan slams Kamal

Hindu Munnani chief Rama Gopalan has lashed out at Kamal Haasan for his recent reported remarks that if God comes before him, he would shake his hands with Him and ask why He (God) did not know Tamil and why so many differences among human beings.

In a statement, Gopalan said Kamal’s comments are not just kiddish, but also confusing. He however welcomed Kamal’s stand against returning awards in the name of protest against intolerance.

“It is widely believed and spiritual scholars have said many times that the Almighty knows all languages. Even Kamal acts in many languages. Kamal wants to know why so many differences. Why is he acting in different roles,” Gopalan asked.

Presiding over a function organised by his welfare club members to celebrate his 61st birthday in Chennai Saturday evening, Kamal said, “If God appears before me, I’ll shake his hands and will not bow before him.”

He also said he would question God why didn’t he understand Tamil and why such huge differences among human beings in the world.

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