Remya Nambeesan was scared of acting with Arulnithi

Remya Nambeesan was scared of acting with Arulnithi

Kollywood have always been a place of talents. Gods own country, Kerala has been instrumental in providing us he talent bunch here. Remya Nambeesan is one such proud product from the neighboring state. The ‘Pizza’ actress is also well known for her singing is sharing the best of her experiences in the film ‘Naalu Polisum Nall Iruntha Oorum’ pairing opposite Arulnithi.

Remya Nambeesan said..

“‘Naalu Polisum nalla iruntha Oorum’ is a wonderful learning experience. I play a school teacher in this film. A village look after ‘kullanari koottam’. When director Srikrishna narrated the story to me I was very much impressed with the role and I agreed to play. I was waiting for a role like this for a long time.” says the Actress- Singer about her Character in this film.

“Producers of this film have very good profile and have produced films rich in content. I was very glad to know that JSK sir is producing the film. The quality and the content of films he is choosing and the way he promotes it is exceptional. He elevates the film’s to a greater level like getting the film to lot of film festivals and award.”

“I was bit scared about acting with Arulnithi who is from a big Cinema family. He was so nice to the entire crew. He used to help me with dialogs whenever I struck amidst of a shot. I like the song ‘Kadhal Kanirasam, We finished shooting this song. Director SriKrishna shot this song colorfully.”, She smilingly adds.

“I haven’t sung any song for ‘Naalu Polisum nalla iruntha Oorum’. I have done couple of Malayalam concert. If things goes well, I may doing a concert in Tamil concert in near future.” Says Remya on her future singing plans.

“SriKrishna is a promising director, I was enjoying the whole project. I am very thankful to my producers to having me onboard in theis project. This film would be a laugh riot and a complete family entertainer.” Signed off Remya Nambeesan with humming her favorite ‘kadhal kani rasam’ song.


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