Rumours on Ajith-Vijay contribution for flood

Rumours on Ajith-Vijay contribution for flood

It happens to be a sensational issue, whenever something more crucial happens, the fans make sure that their matinee idols are promoted to a greater extent.

Such happens to be the illustration of what we are witnessing with the flood relief funds. It is worth mentioning that almost everyone from the film industry have been contributing their best through financial and other support for the Chennai relief mission.

During this juncture, there happened to be some rumours that Vijay has donated 5Crore and many more relief materials distributed through his fans club. Similarly, Ajith Kumar was reported of having donated Rs.1Crore towards the relief fund and has accommodated the flood affected victims at his residence and marriage halls.

In reality, Ajith Kumar doesn’t own any marriage halls and in all likelihood, Vijay’s donation towards relief fund mission remains to be unconfirmed. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that both the actors have been doing their best of all efforts in reviving the situation, although the monetary figures and other information remain baseless.

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