Santhanam and GV Prakash on the remake war?

Santhanam and GV Prakash on the remake war?

What’s happening between these guys? They have nothing similar to strike about, other than the factor that they were earlier someone, who weren’t actually heroes, but now they are.

While both of them have been working on their paths, there seems to be a recent buzz that both of them are severely confronting to acquire the remake rights of Tamil classical comedy hit film ‘Pattanathil Bhootham’.

The yesteryear starring Jai Shankar and Nagesh in lead roles is still regarded as one of the best comedy capers that Tamil cinema has offered. It’s a fantasy based comedy that revolves around a mysterious genie when rubbed out of the flask would show up and fulfil its master’s desire.

Now that GV Prakash has lined up lots of films in his stores, he is seemingly showcasing his interest to work on this remake and is searching for an apt filmmaker.

Meanwhile, Santhanam and Lollu Sabha fame Ram Bala are also seem to work on the same plot, but the original remake rights is owned by Mano Bala.


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