Santhanam no disappointed, next plans ready

Santhanam no disappointed, next plans ready

Santhanam had taken scrutinizing efforts over nurturing his journey in lead role and his first movie ‘Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham’ was a good illustration of his great efforts. In his second outing ‘Inimey Ippadithaan’, he had taken up some additional efforts in endeavouring with the best spell and somehow excelled with surpassing aspects. The film starred Ashna Zaveri and Akhila Kishore in female lead characters with a decent star-cast of many prominent actors.

Although, the film had garnered good response, it hasn’t yielded the producers with a decent collection in box office. But nothing seems to have dashed down the hopes of Santhanam.. He along with his team of writers have already started working on their next project, which might be launched anytime sooner.

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