Santhanam to beat Sivakarthikeyan

Santhanam to beat Sivakarthikeyan

Comedy King Santhanam and Sivakarthikeyan share a close commonality as both of them hail from the same platform of Vijay TV.

Although they haven’t acted together in any films, they share a good bonding of friendship. While Sivakarthikeyan was constantly acting in many movies, Santhanam maintained a restriction of being too choosy with his scripts. Now it looks like the comedian turned actor would be soon seen playing lead roles in many movies.

While ‘Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham’ and ‘Inimey Ippadithaan’ has won him decorous reviews and appreciations, he would be soon commencing his next film, directed by Lollu Sabha director Ram Bala, which is expected to be a horror-comedy, produced by Sri Thenandal Films in collaboration with Santhanam’s Handmade Films.

Moreover, the actor has lined up three back to back projects this year and one of them would be directed by filmmaker Rajesh. In this way, Sivakarthikeyan who reportedly will have only three releases would be dominated by Santhanam.

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