Sathyaraj stays with a sex worker

Sathyaraj stays with a sex worker

Editor Antony is making his directorial debut with a film titled ‘Night Show’ and Sathyaraj plays the lead role in it. The movie, produced by director Vijay, is a remake of Malayalam hit ‘Shutter’.

The story is about a middle-aged man who works elsewhere and comes to his hometown on a vacation for his daughter’s engagement.

During his holiday, he meets his friends and they bond over a few pegs of drinks. During one of these days, his friend, an autorickshaw driver, locks him with a sex worker in a room from the outside to let the two have some fun.

He fails to turn up as promised and the two end up spending two nights and one day together in the garage. The rest of the narrative revolves around the embarrassing plight of these two and the lives of other people involved.

“Lal played the lead role in the original version. Sathyaraj sir, I must say, has delivered a solid performance overtaking Lal in some scenes,” says a smiling Antony.


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