Selvaraghavan breaks silence on ‘Kaan’ row

Selvaraghavan breaks silence on ‘Kaan’ row

With the media churning out various theories behind Selvaraghavan’s ‘Kaan’, starring Simbu in the lead, being put on hold, the director himself has come out with an expalanation, in a bid to put full-stop to rumours and guesses.

Selva started an online statement by saying, “I have been hearing a lot of rumors about Kaan. I just want to clarify certain things.”

He said: “Kaan as a script is very close to my heart and is also an ambitious project the team and i want to do justice to our vision.”

“The team and I have taken a mutual call to temporary put the project on hold . It’s great to know that we all share the same vision,” the maker of ‘7G Rainbow Colony’ and ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’ said.

“We will resume the project next year once we have restructured the finances. In the meantime I will miss working with Simbu and the crew,” he added.

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