Simbu breaks silence, justifies ‘beep song’

Simbu breaks silence, justifies ‘beep song’

At last, Simbu has spoken out on the controversy surrounding ‘beep song‘. The actor-singer, in a telephonic interview to a Tamil news channel, has said the song did not insult women. He also said people have unfair to him.

Simbu, who got emotional during the interview, said that others too have made anti women songs in the past, and why is he alone being targeted? He added that he did it in private, but unfortunately the song got leaked.

He said that none of the Kollywood celebrities came forward to support him, including the Nadigar Sangam. He however took the entire blame for the song and said that Anirudh had nothing to do with it.

“I did not do any wrong. I did not insult or degrade women. The song is aimed at asking men to move on in life without blaming women for love failure. Unlike other songs, this one did not bash or abuse women,” he said.

Meanwhile, Simbu’s father and veteran actor-director T Rajendhar has also come out with an emotioal video statement on the issue. He said his son was honest and harmless and some people were plotting against him.

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