Simbu clears the air on ‘beep song’

Simbu clears the air on ‘beep song’

With a number called ‘beep song’ spreading like wild fire in the social media, Simbu and Anirudh, the ‘creators’ of the product loaded with cuss words. are facing much wrath from many.

Reacting to this, Simbu said, “We have been doing this jamming session for last few years during our freetime and some idiot has stole it from my phone and posted it on wassapp which has gone viral.”

“I owe no explanation nor am I answerable to anyone regarding this! This song is neither official and it is not meant to be used in any film album. No one can question me on what I do in my life.”

“Along with Anirudh and my other friends we compose various songs on love, hatred, friendship and so one. How can people judge me by invading my privacy?”

“My Ithu Namma Aalu audio is releasing next week and I am busy with work. At a time when people of Chennai are suffering due to recent floods how on earth would someone leak a song like this?” he concludes.

The song in question, which hits out at girls ‘for cheating boys’, starts with the words ‘Enna P*******Ku love panrom’.

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