Sivakarthikeyan Reveals a Secret

Sivakarthikeyan Reveals a Secret

How much is his salary for acting in a film? When Sivakarthikeyan was asked this question by student journalists at a camp organised by a popular media house, the actor was apparently not prepared.

He initially asked the audience to guess. When one of them said ‘Rs 7 crore’, he was pleasantly surprised and said in a lighter vein: “I will immediately give my call-sheet to you if you give me Rs 7 crore.”

He added: “I am yet to cross that level. I am presently getting Rs 3-4 crore. I will think about rising my remuneration only after seeing the result of my next venture ‘Rajini Murugan’.”

Sivakarthikeyan said further that he enjoys memes about him in the social media and would never take things serious.

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