Srushti ‘Achchamindri’ speaks Tamil

Srushti ‘Achchamindri’ speaks Tamil

Srushti Dange, who became popular in Kollywood thanks to films such as’Meghna’, ‘Enakkul Oruvan’ and ‘Darling’, is now part of a string of upcoming movies, including ‘Achchamindri’ and ‘Vilambu’.

Though the actress initially struggled a lot to speak Tamil, she is now able to conversate in the language in a fluent manner. “I will start dubbing for my roles in the near future,” she says with all

On her forthcoming ventures, she says, “I play a Chennai girl in ‘Achchamindri’. How she overcomes various struggles in life is the crux of the movie. It is an interesting character and I love it a
lot,” she says.

In ‘Vilambu’, which is set in the backdrop of Coimbatore, Srushti, the Mumbai beauty, is playing a carefree college girl. She has also made a crucial career decision too. “Hereafter, I will play lead roles only in all my movies,” she says.


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