Sudeep files for divorce

Sudeep files for divorce

Top Kannada actor Kichcha Sudeep, (who is popular in Kollywood thanks to ‘Naan Ee‘) and his wife Priya have filed the mutual consent divorce due to internal problems in their marital life.

It is said that Sudeep would give Rs 19 crore to Priya as settlement. Their daughter Sanvi will be taken care of by Priya, since she is minor.

Announcing the divorce decision on Twitter, Sudeep, who is an integral part of Vijay’s upcoming movie ‘Puli’, said, “Things go right n things go wrong..tats’s a time I need fr myslf n my family..All i ask for at this moment is a time for myslf. I understand th concern n curiosity..All i can say is we all are here to teach as well learn..I’m happy about th support n luv tats comin in.”

“I also thank media for not blowing it outta propotion..probably tats th luv n respect I hv earned n u have shown.. tnx once again. It’s a family affair n I appreciate all fr giving me tat space .. loads of love and respect… shal be wth u all soon,”  he stated.

Expressing gratitude to well-wishers, the actor said, “And to all those who r responsible fr me to see this day,,,,tnx a ton :) .. stay happy n blessed… I wsh only good to all.”

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