Sun TV fined Rs 2.5lakhs for a gang rape scene in serial

Sun TV fined Rs 2.5lakhs for a gang rape scene in serial

Sun TV is considered to be the topmost channel in Tamilnadu which has huge viewership mainly for serials. “Kalyana Veedu” is one among the popular serial which is directed by Metioli fame Thirumurugan. He is well known for his character name “Gopi” played in the previous serial and has a huge viewership for his serials across the state.

Recently, SUN TV telecasted gang rape scene of Thirumurugan’s serial violated the rules of The Broadcasting Content Complaint Council. (BCCC). Notably, Thirumurugan is the protagonist of the serial and producing it under his Thiru Pictures.

In that particular scene, Roja asks the gang to rape her sister but in the end she got raped by the gang because of her cruel behaviour. After several viewers complained about this scene, the BCCC confirmed that those scenes were violated several rules and ordered SUN TV to pay 2.5 lakh fine. As per the sources said, there will be an apology video for one long week by accepting the malfunction that happened and adds that those acts which was showed in the episodes are not encouraging and such acts are condemnable in real life.

Kalyana Veedu Rape scene

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