Suriya knocks neighbour’s door, but no response?

Suriya knocks neighbour’s door, but no response?

Sounds quite interesting for many reasons! First question that would raise in your minds is that why Suriya is knocking the neighbour’s door and secondly, who’s the neighbour. If at all, you are wondering what this is all about, let us make it simple. Suriya and director Shankar are neighbours for a very long time.

However, both of them never had the opportunity to work together. In fact, Suriya in an event had apparently said that in spite of being neighbours, they haven’t got the chance to work together. Sources claim that Suriya is keen on reaching the next level of his career graph, which would be possible only with the means and support of a filmmaker like Shankar.

Meanwhile, Shankar is now penning script for his sequel to Enthiran and official announcements are likely to be made on Superstar Rajnikanth’s birthday. It looks like Rajnikanth will start working on this project once he is done with Attakathi Ranjith film.

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