Suriya – The Show Man of 24

Suriya – The Show Man of 24

Numbers really don’t count for any person who is on the severe run of claiming success. Especially, for someone who doesn’t bank all his life merely on profession, but equally spreads his love and affinity towards family and friends is a real miracle. We find many successful actors across regarded as the superstars, but are very much depressed in their very own lives. Sometimes, these rare actors become real life inspiration of balancing work and family. In all likelihood, Suriya happens to be the most fascinating superstar who is far-famed not only for his brilliant performances and choosing unconventional stories, but for his good family life as well.

He has been a respectable son to his parents and has made his father Sivakumar so much proud of him in every aspect. As a husband to Jyothika, he has fulfilled her dreams of making a splendid comeback and made her win the laurels.

He is someone who isn’t just focused about his own career, but takes his complete interest towards the best of his younger brother Karthi as well.

In spite of his busy schedules, he spends quality time with his kids, which is something really great and inspiring to many fathers. Once in an interview, he said that how western countries are so much dedicated to their family lives. “I was so much happy to see none of the parents carried cell phones and completely focus on their kids the complete time.”

Such a splendid thing has been inspiring us from Suriya as well.

We at wish Suriya a very happy birthday that he would not just strike gold in showbiz, but keep us so much elated with his wonderfully inspiring family life and more philanthropic activities.

Happy Birthday Suriya!!! 

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