Suriya vows to meet expectations

Suriya vows to meet expectations

Suriya is all smiles, as 2015 was a great year for him, as actor, producer and husband. “We embarked on a journey through 2D Entertainment, with aspirations to make movies that can inspire the
minds of the audience,” he says.

“Our debut film ’36 Vayadhinile’ based on ‘Women Empowerment’ received incredible support and accolades from press and media. Women audience outnumbered men in numerous numbers show after show,” he says.

“Now, our second film ‘Pasanga 2′ based on ‘Parenting’ has also garnered humongous response from press and media. Families are gracing the cinemas with their children by the thousands.”

Stating that he takes a bow to unconditional love and support, Suriya adds: “We truly understand with greater response comes greater responsibility. We assure you that we will strive to meet your

In 2016, Suriya will have the release of ’24’ and ‘Singam 3′.

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