Suriya wants to shift focus

Suriya wants to shift focus

Even as Suriya and his family are involved in a lot of relief activities in the flood-hit areas, the actor has made a request to volunteers, to shift focus from relief to rehabilitation.

In a statement, he said his family run Agaram Foundation is going to stop the relief measures for a while and shift focus torehabilitation. As a first step, Agaram will help the SSLC and 12th
standard students in government schools.

“Through Agaram Foundation, we plan to support Government School students in the rain hit areas and help them by providing needs to continue their education. 10th and 12th Standard students would begiven immediate attention”, he said.

According to Suriya, natural calamities cannot be predicted, but we must plan better so that we are better equipped to deal with them and their aftermath.

He added: “Initial emergency relief was vital, but we have to think long-term. Let’s not stop with what we have done so far. We have to keep the momentum going. This is a long-drawn process, and we have to be motivated to see it through. It will bring about an inspirational change in society. It will also hell, Put people back on their feet, and prepare them to be kinder to the environment and society. This will be the best gift that we can pass on to our future generations”.

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