Suriya’s director returns discussion money back

Suriya’s director returns discussion money back

While Suriya is lining up lots of big projects in the array, he has already been signed by director Lingusamy under the banner of Thirrupathi Brothers.

The film is to be directed by Sathuranga Vettai fame Vinoth and while Suriya was shooting for his upcoming film ‘24’ in Mumbai, Lingusamy had taken a 2-hr script narration of Suriya and Vinoth had instantly flown down to Mumbai.

This was the first ever time, Suriya didn’t interrupt or ask any doubts while a director was narrating the script. Moreover, Vinoth was offered a small amount of Rs. 75,000 for his script discussion with team in Pondicherry. But to the surprise of producers, he came in a week time giving back Rs. 50,000.

Have you ever seen a filmmaker being so genuine and caring about the producers’ welfare? Of course, this indeed had sent the entire team in so much of awe and hope every filmmaker has such nature inherited from him.

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