Surprising real life love to reel

Surprising real life love to reel

This seems quite a surprise for we have come across many actors falling in love after they have worked together in few films. But here seems to be an exception, where the pair has been in love for six years and finally embellished the screen with their poignant chemistry. Prabhu, an engineering graduate, now the lead actor and Krithika Malini are the illustrative personalities of whom we are talking about. Both of them have played the lead role in a breezy romantic film titled ‘Iruvar Ondranal’ directed by Anbu G, a former associate of AR Murugadoss and produced by Sampath. They have been in relationship for six years and crossing many hurdles, they finally won the approval of their families to get married before few months.

Speaking about this Prabhu says, “I was initially interested in films, but wanted to acquire some skills before getting in. I used to meet Krithika during the dance class and we both fell in love, but our families didn’t accept. After six years, when I decided to foray into movies, I felt Krithika could do justice to this role. Finally, we could get married with our parents’ consent.”


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