Take care of your health, Rajini tells fans

Take care of your health, Rajini tells fans

Superstar Rajinikanth, who took part in the 90th birthday celebrations of former Minister and veteran producer R M Veerappan, had a piece of advice to his fans, well-wishers and friends.

“I know the pain of being admitted to a hospital. So take care of your health that you won’t face a situation of getting hospitalised. It is worse,” the numero uno actor said, hailing RMV for taking good care of his health.

Rajini recalled that during the victory function of ‘Baasha’ (produced by RMV), he spoke about ‘bomb culture’ in Tamil Nadu. “Immediately, RMV lost his Minister post. When I telephoned him to express my worry, he was very casual and cool.”

The ‘thalaivar’ also said many were asking him whether ‘Kabali‘ would overtake ‘Baasha‘. “I wish I had an answer. Because ‘Baasha’ is a masterpiece and I doubt whether any film could beat it.”

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