Tamannaah and Shruthi express Twitterly love

Tamannaah and Shruthi express Twitterly love

It’s a rarity to see that actors in the industry often share a good rapport, especially when it comes to actresses, there seems to be always a difference of opinions over fetching the best offers. But now with the trend of cinema changing, the scenario has turned so much well with friendly bonding. Recently, Tamannaah made such a complimentary comment on Shruthi Haasan’s performance in Puli with so much of elatedness.

“Recently saw the film Puli and Shruthi Haasan, you’re looking so beautiful and done a great job,” wrote Tamannaah on twitter. Instantly, Shruthi Haasan reverted thanking Tamannaah for her humble gesture and stated that she has such a great heart to appreciate others.

Right now Tamannaah is busy shooting for her upcoming film ‘Bahubali 2’, bilingual film with Karthi and Nagarjuna titled ‘Thozha’. Shruthi Haasan has lined up a huge league of releases like Ajith Kumar’s Vedhalam and Suriya’s Singam 3 along with some Telugu projects as well.

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