Tamannah opposite Ranveer

Tamannah opposite Ranveer

“He is the Bollywood superstar of this generation. She is the reigning queen of cinema down South. Together, they will create dhamaka onscreen as they pair up for the blockbuster specialist Rohit Shetty!”

Precisely this is how a press statement from the north describes Tamannah while talking about a Bollywood biggie she has signed.

It said Tamannaah, the petite beauty from ‘Baahubali’ and many more record breaking hits, will star with Ranveer in this high octane, thrilling project.

“She has begun preparations for the same in earnest, and will look her absolute best in this exciting multilingual project,” according to the release.

Rohit Shetty was quoted as saying, “I really can’t be talking about this. But yes, they are on board. Ranveer’s energy, exuberance and huge popularity make this project more interesting, and Tamannaah is a massive star with South Indian audiences. Wait and watch, it will be worth the wait!”

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