Tamil Cinema Horror Fridays turn into Comedy Fridays in June

Tamil Cinema Horror Fridays turn into Comedy Fridays in June

In the recent times, much deliberately, we are coming across the same pattern of horror movies that have been making good score in box office. Most of them are turning to be top grosser and even appreciated by film critic and buffs as well. Well, the much awaited ‘Masss’ starring Suriya and Nayantara in lead roles directed by Venkat Prabhu happens to be a horror movie that has a blend of comedy and fantasy added to it. Well, what follow next few Fridays would be hilarious entertainers. It is heard from the sources of trade circle that Vadivelu is planning to release ‘Eli’ directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan on May 29 along with Masss or preferably on June 5.

Santhanam’s second film as hero titled ‘Inimey Ippadithaan’ is likely to get released on June 12 as there are no big releases on the date. The film is directed by his former associates of Lollu Sabha who have written many hilarious dialogues for him – Anand and Murugan named together as ‘Muruaganand’.

Vivek-Sonia Agarwal starrer Palakkad Madhavan is getting ready for release on June 26 tentatively as well. Moreover, the sources have just mentioned the temporary release date of these movies and the official announcements are yet to be made.


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