The supernatural experience of Maya hero

The supernatural experience of Maya hero

Everyone is awe about the fascinating trailer of Nayanthara starrer ‘Maya’ that was released before couple of days. The film has been garnering a decorous state of response and the trailer has scaled an incredulous response over the online portals. Now with the film getting ready for release shortly, there seems to be more excitements focalizing on the towns. As the actors are getting up for the promotional activities of this film, we hear some interesting fact from the sources.

There is a particular scene in the film, where Aari, the lead actor is seen slipping on balance on the edge of a building. Everyone might have perceived this to be a dupe shot with some rope effect, but in reality, the actor had to perform this without any ropes and instantly on unexpected turn, his slippers got slipped and he had actually been to the corner and if by chance he had missed the balance, rest would have been a fate.

The film ‘Maya’ is directed by Ashwin, who hadn’t assisted any filmmakers in the past and is produced by Potential Studios with Nayantara, Aari, Robot Shankar, Mime Gopi and many others in the cast.

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