TR defends Simbu, writes to top cop

TR defends Simbu, writes to top cop

Veteran T Rajendar has said ‘some unscrupulous mischeivous third person who may be connected with the music industry or film industry’ had stolen the ‘Beep Song’ from Simbu’s personal collection and leaked it online.

“It is surprised to see the Music track which was uploaded on the You Tube and circulated widely through whatsapp which contains a rough composed song with dummy words without a proper lyric along with some interpolated words which were not used by my son or the composer at the time of composing the Music,” TR said in his letter to Chennai city Police Commissioner T K Rajendran.

Simbu clears the air on ‘beep song’

“I respectfully submit that the Music or track had not been utilized in any of the films or private albums or properly recorded in a manner as the same has to be recorded as a song. Similarly, he said Music track had never been officially released online by my son or by the composer,” he stated.

The multifaceted personality requested the Commissioner to “initiate immediate action and find out the culprit who has circulated the said rough composed Music with interpolated words to defame my son’s name, image and reputation.”

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