Trisha’s promise of 100% entertainment

Trisha’s promise of 100% entertainment

Actress Trisha much alike many other reigning heroines has been involved in taking up some unconventional scripts. While her upcoming film ‘Nayaki’ simultaneously made in Tamil and Telugu is fast approaching towards the completion in the backdrops of Hyderabad studios, the actress has something more interesting to speak about it.

In her recent interview, she has mentioned that Nayaki will be an out and out horror comedy laced with some interesting thrills and chills.

The actress is now keeping her fingers crossed with the Diwali release ‘Thoonga Vanam’, which is going to be a special movie as Trisha says that the makers have done something in the script, where such a sequence has never happened between a hero and heroine in a movie.

Trisha is flying down to Singapore for the inauguration of a theatre and will be flying back to Chennai on Diwali morning to watch Thoonga Vanam along with her family members.

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